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Here are the basic supplies that I think are great for getting started. 2020 Update: For your convenience, I’ve gathered all of these supplies plus OTHER favorites in one handy collection in my Amazon Storefront. I honestly wouldn’t even use the gesso without a heat gun. I need to do that. I’m so sorry, Bonnie! Wow! Clear gesso is always the most recommended way to prepare your Bible page. The sticker aisle at Hobby Lobby is the equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle for me…and I can get lost there for hours at a time, perusing the variety of border, banner, shape, and phrase stickers to embellish my pages. Seriously taking me back to a well remembered time in my life. For now, I make due with a regular Bible and the supplies I have on hand. I love this giveaway and thank you for it. Congrats on three years, I will pinot this post so I can refer back to this list for further encouragement. You are very educational and helpful. I also love your blog and your willingness to share it with us. If you plan on using colored pencils regularly, they are a great investment. Smiles, Jill. What is this Journaling Bible movement you speak of? Happy anniversary!!! I recommend working outside when spritzing, and cover up anything you don’t want misted. When I first opened up my Bible, I have to say, the 2 inch margins looked much smaller than I expected, and the pages felt much thinner than I imagined after seeing the wealth of mixed media these Bibles held in photos. I am most excited about the E.S.V. May your time in the Word be such a blessing to you and your relationship with God! Everything here just looks so fun and new!!! You must be reading my mind. All the supplies make me drool. Alphabet stamps are a great alternative to alpha stickers. I’d love to give the Twistables Colored Pencils a try! Buy on Amazon Buy on Walmart. So, before you cross your arms and tell me that you can’t explore this form of art worship because your handwriting is terrible, hear me out when I say alpha stickers are worth stocking up on! Hope you get to play with some of these gems soon, Janell! Great Blog. I love all crafting stuff and probably have too much, nah can’t have too much. Personification always makes me chuckle. I’ve never heard of gelatos before, but that pretty picture definitely makes me want to try them out. Again, you do not need any fancy colored pencils to get started! The Bible itself is just shy of 8.5″ tall, which makes it quite portable. But first, I have a little sappy reflection I just have to take care of. It is a MUST for sure. And I’m always glad I did because I’ve saved myself from running out of room or a misspelling. It brings out my inner artist, too–revives the soul. All I love how writing the Scriptures helps to really hide Gods Word in my heart. So many creative uses from one supply! I have begun to gather supplies to make a Christmas gift basket for my aging mom. WOW!! Use whatever you have until that Bible arrives! Tee hee. I appreciated your good leading in the area of permission pages and non-perfectionism! I used to keep large blank books of doodles and notes and vague diary entries when I was a teenager and I recently came across them again (15 years later!) I’ve been hearing a lot about these journaling Bibles, and while I lack in the artistic side of creativity, it’s definitely something I’d loooooove to explore and help grow in my faith with! Either way, my craft supply stash has grown considerably since I joined the new Journaling Bible movement this past winter. Once again, HERE’s a link to all these favorite supplies and more in my Amazon storefront. Your posts have inspired me – especially the Journaling Bible ones. The Best Gifts For Bible Journaling. from your list. To get started with Bible journaling, you need just two basic supplies: a journaling Bible (alternatively you could use a notebook and regular Bible); no-bleed pen; Of course as you get more practice, you can add other embellishments to your Bible journaling supplies too, which we’ll talk about below. She is going to be 10 and I’d love to share this with her. Copyright © 2021 The Thinking Closet. I have been looking, watching and wanting to try bible journaling but am intimidated by it a little. #mustnoteat. This is a list of the 10 best Bible Journaling supplies. I encourage you to try new things, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and if you are worried about how a medium will react, test it out on a page in the back of your Bible first. I must learn more!”. More so to supply a future group study thang with my local community…once I get the hang of journaling myself. I love what you have shown here on your blog. Thanks for your support, Sandy! I’ve been using them in my art journal and I looooove them. You are amazing. Ugh!!! I love pens, paper, etc. You’re doing a fine job! It is holding me back big time. Aw, thank you for taking the time to comment! Pens. I love your beautiful red Bible and all your wonderful bible art. I enjoy your site and emails!!! ... LifeWay will choose a font color that best matches this item. I have just started doing some journaling in a notebook but I have been looking for a journaling bible to spend some artistic time with God. A Journaling Bible is a Bible specifically made for note-taking and journaling. So many things happened to me during that time and were so character building. Those sprays look fabulous! Thanks for sharing all of these great supplies and for the giveaway! Stamps are super fun to use, you can find them super easily at any craft store or online. Wow! I would love to try the gelatos and the staedtlers! Thank you, thank you, for sharing your bible pages and favorite supplies. She was fascinated and wanted to get started right away…after a vain search of local thrift stores we finally returned home and decided to get started on an old copy of the Message version of the Wisdom books…it has fairly wide margins and more than enough verses to start with. God bless you! So many cool supplies; choosing a favorite would be impossible for me. I’ve always been really bad at doing daily devotions and I feel that using my artistic side will help me stay accountable. I have not yet tried the twistables, so would be excited to see how they look in my Bible. It’s awesome to see more people becoming aware of it. The Goulet Co. is wildly popular for their selection… And anything Crayola takes me back to the early days of creating. If there is one thing I love it’s crafting supplies! Of all the supplies I’m really excited about the gelatos I’ve really wanted to try those for quite some time. Lori @strengthofitall. Check it out HERE. ☺️. Thank you for sharing with us…. Ha ha. (You can check it out on if you’re curious.). Congratulations on 3 years Very generous giveaway, thanks! I’ve never tried the Pitt Artist Pens in my Bible. What a great idea! 10 Best Journaling Bibles January 2021 Results are Based on. I love washi tape and crafting already so I know this would be another awesome hobby to add to my collection! I am such a visual learner and applying these to my bible will make my focus so much better. To adhere them, I just apply a strip of washi tape or double-stick tape. . I love your journaling! That tab punch looks intriguing. I love seeing what you’ve done with your journaling bible. I chose to write an entire post addressing the various journaling Bibles and which one I enjoy the best, so if you want to purchase a journaling Bible, check it out. I love the rubber date stamp, so you can remember the date of the journal entry. Thanks so much for the chance. wha??? Washi tape is one of my favorites also! I have been wanting to try the Gelatos for a while. Luscombe Company Inc. / 2015 / Gift. Also, you’re the second person to mention War Room in these comments. I have seen what they can do and they look amazing!! Super sad face from this international reader, because craft supplies = happiness. Ha ha, gelatos certainly do sound yummy…and they are heaps of fun to play with! Congratulations on 3 years, Lauren! That can be found here. I was so enthralled with your Bible journaling post as I didn’t even realize there is a special journaling Bible! Some might say I’m a craft-supply-hoarder. Such a great and informative post!! How exciting! Success! Your blog is one that I fell in love with the idea of Bible Journaling. Once you have your necessary tools, you are probably going to want something to lay down a colorful background. Some people swear by Windsor and Newton brushes- which are awesome if you have the extra budget- but I just use the cheap synthetic brushes that you can get in a big pack from the department or art supply store for a few bucks. I’ve always dreamed of being crafty for a good reason. The journaling bible is so cool. 16 Color Micron Pen Set: explore more lettering possibilities using a variety of colorful pens. It really is a whole new wonderful world, isn’t it? Thanks for this generous giveaway to your readers. Very thorough and interesting post, Jen! This is something that has absolutely touched my very soul. I have been reading you wonderful blog for a while but never left a comment. Here’s your rabbit trail: Back to our regular scheduled programming. Your email address will not be published. Ive never seen the gelatos before and am most interested in trying those! You’ve written me incredible comments and emails of encouragement. Hang in there. Pretty soon, you’ll be hooked on gelatos and stickers like me, lol. Great idea! I love the quick tabs for what your heart needs to read at that moment!! That is so exciting! I’m glad to hear this has been a helpful resource for you as you shove off on your own Journaling Bible journey. I’d love to try the watercolors. Thank you so much for the chance to win Journalling Bible. It makes for a really quick and easy (and beautiful) Bible page. Love that you are doing a giveaway with them. Thank you so much for this! Holy Moly this is awesome. I am curious about the crayola twistable crayons. Aw, my pleasure, Camille! Exactly the fresh inspiration I need. Thanks for all of your amazing inspiration. I should add that as an option! You have an affinity for exclamation points like I do! I would love to have a Pitt Big Brush pen (and wish good penmanship came with it)! I know it will be a grand adventure! Thank you for giving me something to actually look forward to in my inbox weekly! . Thank you so much for going through all your fun supplies, etc.! I have added several of these items to my “craft needs” list! Yay! So great to have you be a part of it, Adriene! I’m slightly obsessed with them and have at least four sets that all get frequent use, both in my Bible and beyond. As a collector of a variety of crafting materials and office supplies, I have learned one can never have too much! I used to do a lot of calligraphy mixed media paintings with scripture and I miss the way that process was a kind of scripture meditation. Hugs! And I love that you want to dive in and be a part of it, Jessica. Thank you for such a great opportunity to win an amazing package!! First of all I want to say a huge Congrats to you on your 3rd year blogiversary! Your Bible is beautiful, thanks for sharing. I have a collection but I see my collection getting bigger. Your blog is an inspiration! Happy Aniversary! I know it seems small but your joy in sharing not just you gift but also your love for the Word put me in much better spirits. Haven’t been a follower very long but love your blog. Wow, I love that you’ve been doodling and drawing in your Bible since you were a young girl. Just like I do in a typical journal entry, I like to date my Journaling Bible entries…because it’s astounding how quickly I can forget when I worked on a page! Lindsey, I’ve never read it cover to cover either! Lauren, all of these beautiful crafting supplies most definitely belong in my craft stash! I have a post about all my favorite pens to use as well! How wonderful that you are doing this give away! I may not use regular stickers too much, but I do use sticker paper- specifically Avery Clear Full Sheet Mailing Labels. In encourages boldness and risk-taking. I’ve seen lots of different colors where the mists are concerned. God Bless You! So much information and so much encouragement on your blog. They’re beautiful! I need to put one on my Amazon wish list (hello, Christmas! Ya’ll be careful out there with those supplies for heaven’s sake! But I only saw that as a challenge to discover which supplies would work best! I just love this give away and all of the creative ideas. That can be found here. I think this is exactly what I need to do this fall! The HCSB Journaling Bible. Many blessings to you and your sponsors for this giveaway opportunity! Oh I’m so glad you found inspiration and got excited to dive in to use what you already have. It’s amazing how much improvement you’ll see with a little practice. My sweet toddler was “reading” it on the way home from church and now it’s missing the back cover. Love your blog . I have been wanting to purchase one, just haven’t done so yet. Hope you are well, Michele, and enjoying your September. I love it! It’s about me and God and no one can tell me otherwise. This heat gun is handy to speed up drying paint! Would love to try gelatos! Love your blog and love the idea of a journaling Bible!!! For those of us who have always had to squeeze comments, notes, and thoughts into the very small margins of our Bibles, this journaling Bible is long overdue! And you are so welcome. Thanks for a chance to win this giveaway!! You’re definitely among friends here! Loved reading your response, Krista! Two will receive the new editions fresh off the Crossway printing press, which you can peek at here: Summer Garden | Antique Floral | Classic Marbled | Cloth Over Board. . Here’s a glimpse at an entry I create using my set of Faber-Castell gelatos in pastel. I discovered Bible Journaling in January of this year and have already filled my Bible Journal with lots and lots. Oh the places you’ll go with God! I can’t wait to use some of your 20 favorite supplies in my own Bible! I should add that I’m loving the idea of using a tool with the name “Crayola” like the twistables! This would tie worship and studying the word together for me! I just found your website, and I LOVE it! All you truly need is a Journaling Bible (or a Bible and a notebook) and a pen or pencil! I am new to artistic journaling and love your ideas! ... New to Bible Art Journaling? I’ve been cutting mine out by hand! (c) 2018 I have a journaling Bible as a gift BUT had NO idea I could have added all these accessories !! What a gift you have. If you’re looking for a great ink pad to accompany your stamps, look no further. *I always recommend preparing your page if using stamps since they tend to bleed-through the most*. They flow smooth & don’t bleed through most papers. I have many different mediums I have been using to do scripture art in my journal. I would LOVE to enter your giveaway, but for some reason my browser won’t load the rafflecopter. THEN….I stumbled upon your blog and your video flip through your journaling Bible and I was HOOKED!! Gelatos are a medium that I haven’t had the chance to explore too much, but are really fun and great to use for Bible journaling since they don’t bleed! Thanks for the inspiration. I have never journaled but think I would love it.. Love the tab idea so you can easily find & be inspired again. I love art journaling and have wanted to get into Bible Art Journaling but the journals are always sold out. All of your pages turned out super awesome!! Thank you for sharing your ideas. They bled through my pages….not sure if I’m pushung to hard or what . Bible Journaling With Me- Simple Landscape, Free Maze Printable- Bible Journaling With Me, Christmas Gift Ideas for Bible Journalers, Bible Journaling With Me: Watercolor Wisteria Tutorial, Bible Journaling With Me- Watercolor Forest Tutorial & Free Printable. KJV Bible sent along a few things – some I was familiar with something similar, but they also sent a couple of things I had never used for Bible journaling.

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