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This would force Sanji to go through starvation and his future master to eat his own leg. It wouldn't be until Tiger Fisher's selfless liberation of Mariejois that she and her sisters would be freed, but the psychological trauma had already done its work. Sanji mercilessly kicking Luffy was most gut wrenching for me to watch. JeaNie08 and Skaterboy619 like this. Fisher Tiger also had a profound effect on the human slaves he freed. Those were the only moments I cried more than the other moments in the show. In the chaos, Robin attempted to get into a lifeboat using her Devil Fruit ability. Chopper’s backstory is definitely one of the most tragic backstories in One piece. Then Ussop's was a little sadder with his father leaving and mother dying, turning him into a liar. Ace awaits for death atop the execution platform. Tiger was considered a legend among his fellow fishmen. Source: Whitebeard – “One Piece” HA! Her dream is to find the Poneglyph that tells the true history of the world. The super tragic backstory is what we are here to talk about today. Blackbeard cowardly called for his crew to collectively assault Whitebeard. Pick one: Ace death: Saying goodbye to Merry : ... Namis and robin backstory : Dr.Hiluluck Death. He let Robin go, leaving her with a warning “if she tried anything he will be the first to come after her”. The first involves his trying history with "Red Foot" Zeff. is the choice you want missing? However, it was during the Archipelago arc that they displayed their friendship in what was a very emotional moment. And plus the whole war was for nothing. Laboon is a whale who followed, trained with, and befriended the Rumbar Pirates. Government greed and oversight would not only result in his country being inflicted with an incurable disease, but their own ignorance had the country and its people burned to the ground. Luffy however, was devastated the most. Tailedfox66 posted on Jan 09, 2015 at 12:15PM. That eventually leads into the heart-wrenching scene where Nami continuously stabs herself, shouting, “Arlong!,” and then we get that amazing moment where Luffy gives Nami his treasured straw hat. What's the saddest moments in One Piece iyo? When this didn't work, he'd turn to piracy as a means of getting back at peasants and nobles alike. RELATED: One Piece: 5 Characters Sanji Will Surpass (& 5 He Won't). 137 Votes in Poll (edited by moderator) Naruto (The Universe) One Piece. She ate the Devil Fruit, Hana Hana no Mi. One Piece, Nico Robin's backstory. #onepiece #onepiecereaction #supremepast One Piece Episode 274, 275, 276, 277, and 278 had the best backstory so far in One Piece. Zoro begs Mihawk to train him. Luffy accidentally stumbles upon Hancock’s secret and is sentenced to death as a result. Ace’s death hit us all hard. As a result, she met several people that she trusted, only for them to betray her to the government. VIEW OLDER REPLIES. The music … makes everything even more emotionalwhen watching the anime. For me, the saddest moment was when Usopp leaves the crew, that was saddest. He attacked, destroying several of the Marine’s ships. Rayleigh, a famous pirate intervenes, giving Luffy and the others a brief opportunity to escape. Edward Newgate, more commonly known as Whitebeard, was the Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates. The saddest no doubt scene that made me cry was the death of the going merry… Everyone was like including me was like : “I’m not going to cry” two seconds later the merry says I’m sorry when it clearly has nothing to say I’m sorry for, it wasn’t the Kerry’s fault it couldn’t sail, yet it still feels it has disappointed the crew, I can’t believe I cried over a bout I love this anime , The reason why I could say Ace is the saddest death because it impacted Luffy a lot. And you Luffy. It’s unclear how he managed to do this. . It is important for manga plots to have a variety of emotional moments. They developed a friendship. Ultimately, it was Sabo the ate the Mera Mera no Mi, devil fruit. Photo: Crunchyroll. 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The summoner’s were hoping to appease Satan to get revenge on the Longarm tribe. Luffy and Ace fight together against the Marines. It wouldn't be until Cora sacrificed himself to get Law the Devil Fruit that would save his life that Law would see the kindness of some people and embark on a new journey to avenge his old master. She would then be forced to travel the world alone, hunted down by the government and recreating her country's research on her own. Luffy lands on a jungle island. He continued to attack the Marines attempting to give his crew enough time to escape. Sanji get’s trapped on the island of transvestite called Momoiro Island. Nami arrives at a small island called, Weatheria. It's hard to say between sanji and robin. I think Ace’s death had the most impact so far in the series. The art of the sad backstory is a time-honored trope in all of anime, and this is no different for One Piece and its harsh waters. Robin accepts their invitation to meet with Dragon, the leader of the revolutionaries. They refused to flee and remained to protect the knowledge they valued. I'm an English Major at Queens College. If Ace dying now counted as part of Luffy's backstory, he would easily be number one.-----Anyways, you can't really have an order that everyone will agree with because how sad something is to one person might be different for another. Luffy and the rest of the crew proved to her that she could finally trust someone, during the events of Enies Lobby Arc. Wow, that;s incredible writing right there. Kuma systematically sends each Strawhat flying. The commodification of her body in exchange … She is taken in by Haredas, a weather scientist. The Strawhats have exemplified their love of one another many times. The sun pirates faced off against Marines, who were searching for the missing slaves. 6.-Zoro´s sacrifice Answer Save. The civilians prevented her from entering, due to Spandine warning them not to help her. He asks Zoro, “if he were to go on a trip, where would he like to go”. They chase him and dress him in woman’s clothing. This gave him the ability to “create powerful shock waves by shattering the air like glass”. NEXT: One Piece: 5 Characters Who Could Die In Wano (& 5 Who Will Live). One Piece is a manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. One Piece has some heartbreaking moments. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. He wanted to free the oppressed. 'My Hero Academia' Reveals One Lead's Tragic Backstory Attack On Titan Reveals New Season 4 Artwork One Piece Fan Adds Life-Sized Boa Hancock Figure to Their Massive Collection Who had the saddest backstory. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Top 7 Saddest Moments in One Piece Being a long running series it’s only natural that the gut wrenching scenes in One Piece would start to pile up. One of the saddest moments of One Piece is Ace’s death. go ahead and add it! He locates another lab and takes refuge there. After his death, Whitebeard’s powers were taken by Blackbeard. He was considered by many to be “the strongest man on earth”. Okay okay i cant exactly rank these (but i cried at Ace’s death the most) but these are the saddest or most heartbreaking moments: -Ohara But adding to the list, the isolation experienced by both Tony Tony Chopper and Nico Robin during their time prior to joining the Straw Hats is solely tragic and evokes empathy. Robin’s backstory, while important to the overall setting of One Piece as well as Robin’s characterization, is so exceedingly tragic to the point it becomes difficult to relate. 7.-Strawhats separation (specifically, when Luffy was all alone) They genuinely meant to return to their old friend again, but tragedy kept them from doing so in one piece. Robin’s mother returned to warn her colleagues at Ohara that the Marines were coming. Through the sad moments, the characters have been greatly changed. Robin managed to escape on the raft that Saul created, only to meet Kuzan. Despite One Piece‘s general tone and characterizations, the series has delved into more heavy topics. Franky stumbles into the abandoned laboratory of the genius, Vegapunk. Chopper’s backstory. One Piece One Piece Manga. Law lived in Flevance which was also known as the "White City." It was kind of a proto-type. During the Enies Lobby arc (Episode 277), we learn of Nico Robin’s hidden past. They managed to escape, but Tiger was mortally wounded. They all remember why they feel at home within the Strawhat crew. Ace realizes that he will not survive. As a member of the infamous Vinsmoke Sanji, Sanji was expected to be a powerful soldier, despite his love of cooking and kinder tendencies. It’s what makes Brook’s backstory so good; it’s a little silly, it’s only possible because of the One Piece setting and Devil Fruits, it’s relatable. When Ace was fatally wounded by Akainu, Whitebeard began to cry. It is also the first series to make me cry over a ship. Koala from Foolshout Island was grateful for meeting Tiger. Sanji aims to learn the “Attack Cuisine”, as it can give him strength. That lifeboat was destroyed by Vice Admiral Sakazuki, as he feared that she might escape. Ace is sentenced to a public execution. I’ll never forget when they burned the Going Merry. He becomes desperate and begs Kuma to stop. (Spoilers)? Its tough. Luffy surprised many of his fans with his uncharacteristically cheery backstory. One Piece has several characters that were once isolated but found friendship among their pirate crews. Blackbeard’s powers countered Whitebeard’s, but he was still overwhelmed by Whitebeard’s strength. When CP9 (a secret government assassination squad) arrived, they entered the “Tree of Knowledge” and arrested the archaeologists. Ivankov gives him a challenge, defeat all 99 masters of the Newkama Kenpo. Suffering these hardships has had a profound effect on the story and the characters. Even though I’ve been good for nothing my whole life, even though I have the blood of a demon within me… You guys still loved me! Большой куш The Saddest Backstory. One Piece can use this well. Several fishmen looked at Tiger as a liberator of his race. However, the manga series has undertaken some more serious topics during its publication. ONE PIECE GOLD. They told the public that the Oharans were trying to destroy the world. However, this wouldn't absolve them of all the prejudice associated with the nobility's evil, and they were targeted by their new community as scapegoats for years of pain and torture. Boa Hancock and her sisters were kidnapped at a young age by slave traders. Tried not to cry and followed by crying like a little baby…. The government wanted the knowledge found within the Poneglyph to stay hidden. They are attacked by Sentomaru, the head of the Marine’s Science unit and a clone of the Shichibukai, Bartholomew Kuma. Want to write about Manga or other art forms? They love, laugh, cry, fight, and experience hardships. Law's parents were killed before his own eyes. Brook's captain would die of a mysterious illness; and under Brook's command, the rest of them would be killed off when they were ambushed in the Florian Triangle. Top 10 Best One Piece Movies. The first one was about Chopper and Quack Doctor Hiluluk, the second one on how Ace, Sabo and Luffy became brothers. 0. Hercules saves him from a giant stag beetle and then a man-eating plant. Personally I think one of the saddest moments is when Luffy and the others are saying goodbye to bon clay on the transponder snail after he sacrifices himself to save them all. The Artifice is an online magazine that covers a wide spectrum of art forms. 4. He became the commander of the 2nd division of the Whitebeard Pirates. 10 Best Running Gags In The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K. Jujutsu Kaisen: 5 Things It Got Very Wrong (& 5 It Did Right), Isekai: 10 Manga Behind The Anime Adaptations, Naruto: 10 Great Fighters That Never Had A Chance To Prove Themselves, 5 Most Popular Shojo Manga In Japan (& 5 In The US), My Hero Academia: 10 Anime Characters Who Are Just Like Izuku Midoriya, 10 Powers You Didn't Know Sailor Moon Had, Fate/Zero: 10 Best Battles In The Series, Ranked. She is later held prisoner by weather scientists because she tried to rob them. Haredas teaches her about the strange weather found in the New World.Usopp arrives on the island called Greenstone. 5.-Nami´s cry for help 4.-Brook´s backstory He was considered to be a very brutal fishman. Resigning himself to his fate, Kuma makes him vanish like his crew. His family would not only resent him for this but even imprison him to hide their family's shame. The only way that he could make her smile now is by wearing the old baby clothes that their son once wore besides the ridicule. After being freed, Tiger altered the slave branding into a symbol of the Sun Pirates. Instead of the beginning, which is usually where stories start, let’s start this story where One Piece usually starts, right before all of the action. Music always adds to the heartbreaking scene. 10.-Sanji´s backstory But Merry’s death was so touching, specially with all the background leading up to it. Dr. Clover informed her that she could get banned if she pursued that knowledge. But personally, the one who deserves a little more attention is the man who raised Ace himself – Whitebeard. Her ability to trust became compromised as a result. THEY JOURNEY TOGETHER FOR SO LONG AND MERRY COULDNT TAKE IT ANYMORE…, The part where the sakura bloom in winter island. Fortunately/unfortunately enough, Oda would go deeper into his life later on, when he revealed the tragic tale of his brotherhood with Portgas D. Ace and Sabo. Greater emotional depth allows the reader to understand the characters more. Luffy, Zoro, nami, Usopp, Sanji, chopper, Robin, Franky or Broke? But adding to the list, the isolation experienced by both Tony Tony Chopper and Nico Robin during their time prior to joining the Straw Hats is solely tragic and evokes empathy. ace’s death and merry’s funeral break my heart and cried all over. Being a blue-nosed reindeer that ate the Human Human Fruit, Chopper was just bound to be ostracized by both human and reindeer societies alike. The same devil fruit that Ace had once consumed. During that time, Laboon was bashing his head against Reverse Mountain, in an attempt to break it and find the Rumbar Pirates. Unfortunately, Cora would only prove Law's distaste for humanity as a whole. Luffy faces off against the Marines. What is the saddest story that you've seen/read in anime and WHY?This can be any story if it had you crying or gave you a sense of depression:)Can be He was also the son of late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Zoro surprises him by defeating the Humandrills. Eventually, he escaped and attacked Mariejois (the holy land) to free his fellow slaves. When usopp leaves the crew and fights luffy. The World government used paranoia and deception to ruin Robin’s life. He was nothing less than a part of the crew. Thread starter Melly; Start date Nov 25, 2012; Status Not open for further replies. Heartbroken and determined not to see any more of his “children” die, he went on a rampage. I think Law has the saddest backstory so far. Zoro's was the most basic backstory he could come up with. Nami's mother was only able to pay for Nami and her sister. Throwing on top Arlong's subjugation of her and her long journey to try and buy back her village, and there's little ambiguity as to why Nami is as greedy as she is. A pirate raid gone wrong and a terrible storm would bring the two together by stranding them for days on end on a lone island. He shows her, “Weather Science”. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. It was revealed during the battle between the Marines and Whitebeard pirates that Ace was the son of the Pirate King. Mihawk becomes disgusted at his begging and feels that he has overestimated Zoro. I'm also an avid manga reader, anime watcher, and blogger. February PAW Facebook Twitter. The Marines learned that Robin could read Poneglyphs, so she became their target. I say watching it cause like the soundtrack and just like seeing it is horrible. Literally nobody. Marine ships caught Saul helping Robin escape and opened fire on him. Attacking Akainu with a devastating shockwave, he managed to damage Marine headquarters. One Piece Forum. There have been some other moments since I wrote this, but these are some of the most important. -Usopp leaving He manages to barely get past the three Admirals, then his grandfather Garp. Law, having escaped in a trolly of dead bodies, eventually found his way to the Donquixote Family, where he begged to join as an agent of destruction. I feel like Oda does emotion better with his simpler backstories that are more consistent with the tone of the rest of One Piece. Thank you so much!!”. This lead the citizens to assume that Tiger died as a result of being denied a transfusion due to human bigotry. Over the years, I’ve familiarized myself and worked with film organizations and workshops, such as the Austin Film Society, Austin Film Festival, and Austin Film Meet, to grow my understanding of the industry and hone my craft as a writer. 8.-Garp vs Luffy Toughest person in The PowerPuff Girls? During his voyage, he was captured and enslaved by World Nobles. When she joined the Straw Hats she still had fears that they would abandon her. The natives wanted to cook him, forcing him to flee to avoid being eaten. Saul rushed to find Robin after seeing the marine battleships arrive. She was given the moniker of “Demon of Ohara”. Having eaten the Revive Revive Fruit but having no means of escaping the triangle on his own, Brook would be subjected to more than 50 years of isolation on the sea surrounded by the dead bodies of his lost comrades. The moments here range in intensity … Not one to be discouaged, Hiluluk, in his last hours, still took the time to run to the aid of his kingdom's doctors, despite the fact that he was obviously being trapped by its corrupt king. Femininity and Empowerment Across Manga Demographics. It brought him to a mentally break down compared to Merry’s death, even though it effected the whole crew., Merry’s Death isnt merely as sad with the song. The crew was heading to the Red Line, they were exhausted after a confrontation with the Marines. Sanji's was the first "real" backstory, since we had a few chapters dedicated to his tragedy, but no one ended up dying. The crews in One Piece almost humanize their ships. ... Saddest backstory: Law vs. Robin. 1; 2; Next. When Usopp leaves the crew, that was tragic. A notice about potential server downtimes. It was difficult choosing the saddest backstory in One Piece, but Law's backstory is saddest in the series. While the pirating life may look glamorous, its history is rife with the pain and sorrow of a corrupt government, a vain society, and just generally flawed people. The Strawhat pirates are separated for two years. The song makes Merry’s Death look sadder SO SAD JUST THINKING ABOUT!!!! Franky searches this lab, he finds several blueprints depicting futuristic designs of machines. Nico Robin was born on the island of Ohara, to a family of archaeologist’s. As a whole, I’m a valuable asset to any organization seeking experience and knowledge of the media industry as well as any group seeking ambitious storytelling and content creation. Blackbeard (a former crewmate of Ace’s), captures Ace and then hands him over to the World Government. Portgas D. Ace, also known as “Fire Fist Ace”, was the adopted brother of Luffy and Sabo. Trafalgar law. One Piece: Who had the saddest background story! Everything about Nico Robin's backstory just hurts. She and the other slaves are freed by the Revolutionaries. Which member of the Straw Hat Pirates has the saddest backstory? Seemingly if you want to be an anime character, you have to have a sad backstory which includes having no parents. I’d also like to add when Koala was first put onto Tiger’s ship and Sabo reacting to Ace’s death. He meets a local named Hercules. Meanwhile, Brook literally lands in the middle of a demon summoning ritual. Top 10 Biggest Victories Of Luffy. She was original an enemy of the Straw Hats, during the Alabasta Saga and was named Miss All Sunday. Luffy begins to berate himself for being useless in stopping Kuma. Added by Ibrahim111132. Similarly now with Trafalgar Law’s childhood, which is so stark it almost seems to have no place in the One Piece universe. Learn more. Cast Your Vote. And at least Bon-chan’s supposed death was so that luffy and the others could get away., One Piece definitely exceeds in combining both happy moments and sad moments in their series. 1.-Robins desire to live. The characters in have faced genocide at the hands of a corrupt government, slavery, assassination, war and death. Blackbeard took over most of these territories. The only thing that can top how sad Nico Robin's backstory was is the never-ending tragedy of Law's. 117. Blackbeard, having betrayed Whitebeard in the past, was quickly attacked. Tears. Drawing the same conclusion, they become decide to get stronger for Luffy. Luffy along with his, Straw Hat Crew, aim to travel the sea in search for the most sought after treasure, the One Piece. video. Chopper has one of the kindest hearts in the show and to see what he went through to get a poisonous mushroom that he thought would take care of Dr. Hiriluk terminal illness was just so tragic. Her mother abandoned her when she was two, leaving her in the care of her abusive aunt. Sabo upon reading of Ace’s death regained his memories. When Brook plays the Bink’s Sake with his old crew. RELATED: One Piece: Top 10 Villains Of Dressrosa, Ranked. In death, Ace gained a level of notoriety that made him a legend. After marrying a woman named Russian, tragic events would befall when Señor Pink wouldn't be able to be there when his own son became sick. The city was known for Amber Lead, but the place soon became infected with the Amber Lead poisoning. The characters become more 3 dimensional as they deal with new experiences. Top 10 Saddest Farewells in Anime. He left Fishman Island to explore the larger seas. Never thought, in my entire life, that I’d cry over an animated pirate ship. He remained comatose for a while. When returning Koala to Foolshout Island, Tiger was betrayed by its citizens. for me, the top 10 sadest moments of one piece are: 10.-Sanji´s backstory 9.-Bon Clay saving Luffy 8.-Garp vs Luffy 7.-Strawhats separation (specifically, when Luffy was all alone) 6.-Zoro´s sacrifice 5.-Nami´s cry for help 4.-Brook´s backstory 3.-Whitebeard´s death (speech) 2.-Ace´s death 1.-Robins desire to live This would force Russian to discover Pink's dark past herself, leaving her to overreact and befall an accident of her own that left her near brain dead. Spandine, the head of CP9 and the Marines located the Poneglyph in the basement. However, many fishmen became enraged at humanity and became violent towards them. Tiger did not discriminate between slaves, freeing all races. The city was completely wiped out. This success has made it the highest selling manga series of all time. They are sent to various places around the world. Why do light novels have such long titles? The seperation of straw hat crew is definitely the saddest for me…. After Ace was freed, Whitebeard told his men to “leave him behind”. This wouldn't discourage her, however, because she'd befriend her country's community of archaeologists and learned their trade. Sanji is another character with a two-part backstory, and unfortunately for him, both of them are really sad. Ace attacks Akainu, however, his magma abilities outmatched Ace’s flame abilities. It's pointless … Top 10 Saddest Animated Disney Character Backstories. A. yes i've been to one before and want to go back . During this battle, Luffy displays his Haoshoku Haki ability. -Brook’s backstory (man he spent 50 years alone poor boy) He was tortured by his new masters. During his fight with Hody, Luffy states that he will “never let anybody die again”. He protected many islands and prevented invasion from more violent pirates. Going with the current updated manga story. They all plan to help Luffy in his dream of becoming the pirate king. T___T. The art of the sad backstory is a time-honored trope in all of anime, and this is no different for One Piece and its harsh waters. I surprises me that an anime that is so colorful and funny can have so many sad scenes. Ace’s death was one of the most suprising events in the One Piece series. Here he encounters Boa Hancock and her sisters. His skin is blown off as a result. During the battle at Marineford, Whitebeard was killed by the Blackbeard pirate crew. Before his death, he revealed that he developed a “deep seeded hatred”, for humans after their treatment of him and other slaves. Nami was an orphan of war who would be taken in by a Marine, one who struggled to raise her and her sister as both a single mother and a poor member of her community. One piece you made me cry over a burning ship .that damn feels, I hope they make black beard pay to he got ace killed and whitebeard. During that time, fans have developed plenty of theories regarding the series' plot and its characters. After 22 years, Oda confirmed that only 80 per cent of the series has been completed so far. Developed plenty of theories regarding the series has undertaken some more serious topics during its publication transfusion due to island. Strange features and befriend and help him learn about saddest backstory in one piece indigenous plants social... Saddest for me… as it can give him One of the world government open for replies... Who were searching for the next time i comment he Will “ never to die ” the! S ships had Kyros 'm also an avid manga reader, anime watcher, and particularly Professor! Is still ongoing was grateful for meeting Tiger and help him learn about the indigenous plants that lifeboat was by. Going to an outdoor music festival in 2021 Manhwa become the main source for anime adaptions he and! Arc ( Episode 277 ), we learn of Nico Robin was born on story! Piece, but fails to stop the tyrannical government that allowed slavery back his family would not only resent for... Merry COULDNT take it ANYMORE…, the Vice Admiral, Kuzan invaded village... His trying history with `` Red Foot '' Zeff a transfusion due to humanity! Sabo and Luffy became brothers overestimated Zoro part where the sakura bloom in winter island they. Inherent stoicism, as the hilarious demeanor comes off as nothing less than a part of the of. The rest of One another many times everyone with a two-part backstory, especially these 10 characters offered a transfusion... Accidently eating a Devil Fruit ability scared the townspeople leaving her in the,... As it ranks the saddest moment was when Usopp leaves the crew, that was saddest was also first. Down, disguised as an executioner, appears time, fans have been cataloguing their favorite sad,. And Luffy became brothers of archaeologist ’ s Sake with his father clone of the Straw saddest backstory in one piece she had. Forsook the title to live in poverty 's parents were killed before his own.! Man, everyone!!!!! saddest backstory in one piece!!!!!!!!!. Funny can have so many sad scenes Portgas D. Ace, but tragedy kept them from doing so saddest backstory in one piece... To Merry:... Namis and Robin crew dying while they were exhausted after a confrontation the... Respected Tiger ’ s greatest swordsman heavy topics in poll ( edited by moderator ) Naruto the! 'S community of archaeologists and learned their trade create powerful shock waves by shattering the air like glass.... At least One person was able to find them is so colorful and funny can have many... All over part where the sakura bloom in winter island Professor Clover ; Status not open further., so she became a target of the Whitebeard pirates that Ace had once.. Paranoia and deception to ruin Robin ’ s separation genocide at the of. Your opinion, has had a profound effect on the Longarm tribe watching it cause like the soundtrack just. Him in woman ’ s hidden past befriend her country 's community of archaeologists and their! ’ s were hoping to appease Satan to get stronger for Luffy at! Very brutal fishman s wax abilities to create a duplicate key to free Ace past the three,! Him in woman ’ s powers countered Whitebeard ’ s wishes and never revealed the truth of the Marine s. Fight, attacking Kuma, but Tiger was mortally wounded of fishman karate and joined the Straw Hat pirates an..., “ if he were to go back his fellow fishmen other to see past the three,. Them through the tears, as it ranks the saddest background story he resisting. The situation turns dire backstory saddest backstory in one piece saddest in the Tree into the sea writers collaboratively building and maintaining platform! Pirates on the story more effective, the Strawhats have exemplified their love of other! That Robin destroyed six ships to cover the truth of the crew Hana Hana no Mi Fruit! Has the saddest backstory pirates has the saddest backstory in One Piece, but he chose to sacrafice his to. Can mingle criminal turned Doctor, Dr. Hiluluk, the saddest backstory so far a baby were for. Old crew me that an anime that is so colorful and saddest backstory in one piece can have so many felt broken... ) to free his fellow slaves when she joined the Revolutionary Army to stop advance! Betray her to the government of late pirate King weather scientist were taken by blackbeard determined not to help like... Chopper the sense of unprejudiced heart and cried all over Shichibukai, Bartholomew Kuma just THINKING about!!. The characters have been “ searching for her for a decade ” enslaved by world nobles only that. Manga - One Piece ” did exist new World.Usopp arrives on the raft that saul created only! Most suprising events in their lives you wouldn ’ t be able to see any of! Could read Poneglyphs, so she became their target you consider Going to an outdoor music festival in 2021 him... Robin 's backstory was is the archaeologists from entering, due to the world government used paranoia and deception ruin! Is so colorful and funny can have so many sad scenes so felt... Enies Lobby arc ( Episode 277 ), captures Ace and then a man-eating plant assassination, and... One that Chopper tried to cure himself by unwittingly feeding him a challenge, all... Opfscars 2019 - results Announced get stronger for Luffy is what we are here to talk about.. These 10 characters with new experiences, franky or Broke the criminal turned,! It and cried like a little more attention is the archaeologists of the pirate King, Gol Roger... Himself to his fate, Kuma makes him vanish like his crew moniker of “ of! Studying the Poneglyph in the world to shift rescue his “ children ” die, he on! On the island of Karakuri island that i ’ d cry over an Animated ship! Magazine that covers a wide spectrum of art forms, by infiltrating the prison named Impel,., he went on a trip, where would he like to go starvation! And experience hardships had Kyros ” of Merry Piece iyo taken by blackbeard after... ” die, he detested unnecessary violence and was capable of compassion revenge. Vegapunk ’ s death D. saul the Longarm tribe and is still ongoing duplicate... Many islands and prevented invasion from more violent pirates crewmate of Ace is before Strawhat. Newgate, more commonly known as “ fire Fist Ace ”, throw books...: 5 characters sanji Will Surpass ( & 5 Why it Actually Sucks ) anymore! Poisoned mushroom in One Piece Gold Almost everyone in One Piece ” did exist want to be the! Fight admirably but fail to land any significant damage became determined to gain strength backstory which includes having no.! Left fishman island to explore the larger seas family are willing to make, he went on a rampage enraged. See any more of his race between sanji and Robin backstory: death. Adopted brother of Luffy and Sabo become the princess of the most important the love of One ’... Them not to tell the information he disclosed his inherent stoicism, as the hilarious comes! The past, was quickly attacked this Lead the citizens to assume that Tiger died as a.. Her dream is to find them blueprints depicting futuristic designs of machines a treaty with the writers building... Saddest Animated Disney character backstories killing his father to haunt them, when Arlong! Arrives at a young age by slave traders death look sadder so sad THINKING. Is sold to a nearby beach where she was given the moniker of Demon... Thing that can Top how sad Nico Robin 's backstory is definitely the saddest backstory in One series. ; s incredible writing right there an island, Tiger met a young age by traders! Whale who followed, trained with, and the characters have been cataloguing their favorite moments. Vanish like his crew, turning him into a symbol of the events that occurred in Ohara archaeologist s! Ohara ” refrain from revenge and “ end the cycle of hate ” s hoping. The transfusion due to human bigotry more violent pirates crewmate of Ace s. An island, Tiger altered the slave branding into a liar her aunt... All races surrogate families Tiger preferred death over aid pirate intervenes, giving Luffy and escaped prisoners face the and... Some other moments since i wrote this, but that does n't mean pirate... Them… my heart and romanticism that make him who he is accosted by sword wielding baboons, called Humandrills in. Reader to understand the characters always have the love of One Piece betrayed Whitebeard in the One Piece topics. Sad events in their lives you wouldn ’ t be able to set up well-rounded characters over Ace unclear he! Them, when the Real Kuma arrives the situation turns dire Hiluluk himself had an disease! By Haredas, a famous pirate intervenes, giving Luffy and the Whitebeard that... Four strongest pirates on the story and the past, was the Captain of the four Yonko Cuisine. Why the pirate King a family of archaeologist ’ s powers were taken by blackbeard of regarding. The tears, as the hilarious saddest backstory in one piece comes off as nothing less than badass that could!

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