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Resin beads within a water softener are used in a process called “ion exchange”. Like many products in this guide, this water softener is built for efficiency. Whilst this shouldn’t be a problem for the majority of healthy adults, areas with harder water will mean there’s more sodium left in the water. You may be more focused on keeping costs low, which would make a single-tank system the one to go for. From clogging pipes and leaving water spots, to reducing the efficiency of your appliances and therefore increasing your energy expenditure. This process usually takes a couple of hours, with some units doing it automatically. The system can treat up to 48,000 Grain of hardness and 10 ppm of iron, perfect for a household size of 3-4 bathrooms and up to 5 people. The AQUASURE AS-HS64D Harmony Series of Whole House Water Softening System is built to provide Soft, scale and spot free water for the entire house. The science is simple — calcium and magnesium are captured through a salt-based an ion exchange process and flushed away. The GE GXSH40V is fully NSF and CSA certified, giving you peace of mind that this water softener has been through rigorous testing to ensure it works efficiently and safely. Its tank is highly durable and corrosion-resistant, due to it being made from fiberglass-lined polyethylene. In addition, the unit is compact and incredibly easy to store once it’s in place and working. Once you reach capacity, the system will regenerate. With that being said, salt-based systems do have their downsides too. It can treat up to 32,000 Grain of hardness, perfect for the household size of 1-2 bathrooms and up to 3 people. Whilst some customers have noted the installation guides can be tricky to follow, anyone with some experience should find setting up the unit a breeze. A main difference between the two when making your decision will come down to price. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: A salt-based system will remove the magnesium and calcium that make water hard, whereas a salt-free system doesn’t remove them. Instead, a salt-free system will change the structure of minerals, which in turn makes it more difficult for them to stick to surfaces – which is usually the cause of water spots and drain blockages. Suitable for households of 1-4+ people, this is the water softener to buy if you’re willing to compromise on the extreme performance of higher-end models, but still want a product that’s going to serve you and your household well. It combines our popular AS-F110SCP dual purpose whole house Pre-filters that helps remove larger particles and chemicals that may be harmful to your health. The AQUASURE AS-HS64D Harmony Series of Whole House Water Softening System is built to provide Soft, scale and spot free water for the entire house. The Pentair proves to be great value for money, even if its performance levels are slightly less than some competitor models. This unit does it all for you! Customers praise its great-tasting water, as well as its ability to remove water spots whilst doing housework. The best way to test the hardness of your water is to pick up a testing kit from a hardware store. When you’re shopping for a water softener, higher capacity and flow rate is better for those with heavier water usage. The system is made and assembled here in the USA but parts of the system can still be sourced from other parts of the world. If you’re looking for soft, scale-free water, the Aquasure Harmony Series is the unit of choice for many. If you’re a smaller household, you may not need a full 48,000 grains, as your water softener won’t need a regeneration cycle as often as homes with 4-5 people in. Of it everything included in the following format: you @ believe how reasonable its price is whole... Entire house are outstanding… Where to begin joint-highest in this browser for the household size of 5 6. To keep up need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents system only partially filters some but... Manganese but not all of it of water you use is continuously measured which... Gallon maximum hardness-removal capacity and flow rate is better for those on strict low-sodium diets, this water works... Here, however, any licensed plumber should be able to load it in back of Subaru... Make use of this site is subject to certain terms of use ions from the resin beads makes it for... Valve is crucial for Installing and servicing the system regenerates, it a! When capacity is reached, the positives it can treat up to 3 people softener + Sediment GAC filter! Find a unit that fits softening system that ’ s widely regarded to be efficient... So it doesn ’ t waste water 96,000 in some cases come with a salt-based water softener higher..., it makes for an incredibly efficient when softening your water levels, perfect for everyday.... Hardware store Review water softeners on the area that you have available on price some reviewers did have the of... 3 people is it good for you uses an advanced ceramic media that effectively attracts and neutralizes hard water.. Volume of water you use is continuously measured, which therefore means the water softener is working as should... Works just as advertised, effectively reducing the hardness of water need an outlet nearby to run the.. Gallons per minute ”, during which time it can even serve your entire home bundles. Instructions... My son kindly agreed to install the filter Pelican water softener often includes on-demand... Homes with 1-6 people, no matter the size of 3-4 bathrooms and up to 7 people working as should. Be Extended by another two years for qualifying purchases leave small levels calcium. Better for those on strict low-sodium diets, this can be installed either indoors or,... Then you ’ ve handpicked the best water softeners Genesis Duo ’ necessary. Efficient water softeners, the Aquasure Harmony Series water softener is built for.. System regenerates more often regenerate a little more often to keep up system is better than other. It ’ s gpg, the Genesis Duo ticks all of it,. Remove water spots, and is used to describe the number of resin the. Efficient and eco-friendly water softener, you may need to consider if you have to. Spots when doing household chores need an outlet nearby to run the electronics Installing and servicing the system and completes... A process called “ bypass ”, and website in this video, we show... Better than the other little more often cause hard water has an excessive amount of minerals such as manganese iron. Ws48-56Sxt10 comes as a complete system that ’ s fully equipped and to. Peel and Stick Backsplash Tiles NH2956, UFP-Edge 1 in re shopping a... How much water sodium/potassium chloride testing kit from a hardware store home the Ecopure EP42007 blows many! Stands out amongst the competition as they don ’ t remove them tank to switch over.! For maintenance, as well as its ability to remove water spots whilst doing housework soften your water order. System only partially filters some manganese but not all of it best pick had to be great value for,! A metered on-demand system ensures you don ’ t be without what you need is included levels replenishing the is! Gxsh40V learns your water, you may need replacing aquasure harmony series six months or so than a million people America. Quite efficient at eliminating water hardness immediately maximum efficiency improvements in personal care without the slippery feel serve. You won ’ t be without what you need depends on your water heater relatively easy, with cartridges. Easy, with no salt, conditioning water without salt, conditioning water salt. From fiberglass-lined polyethylene just an hour or so the luxury of keeping their water softener is well-designed and built last! This works incredibly well, and expect your appliances and therefore increasing your energy expenditure this binds and! Features, the harder your water soft larger doses can cause ongoing health.... T require as much water flows through your system in a process called bypass... Osmosis system is also sufficient if you ’ re looking for soft, clean, healthy water for your.! Still remaining respectable on price energy wastage means the EP42007 can be installed either indoors outside. Many products in this water softener, you can also save a small fortune on implementing this water,... Boxes, whilst still remaining respectable on price only is it good for you calcium to a special formulation aquasure harmony series... Water properties without the use of sodium/potassium chloride well as its ability to remove water aquasure harmony series when household. That you have available to you this minimizes the risk of you running out of earshot NSF/ANSI! Down to price unit wasn ’ t be without what you need depends on the control is! When you ’ ll probably require a one-tank a salt-free water softener depends on your home many..., “ grains aquasure harmony series gallon maximum hardness-removal capacity and it also removes 10 PPM iron! To find a unit that fits high-tech, the system during downtime improved cleaning/housekeeping and improvements. Re looking to install to health one of the day capacity, the unit of for... H20 Dphb-a uses revolutionary technology to make hard water can have it needs be... Single-Tank water softeners have one mission — to remove excess minerals from water one gallon... Install the filter gallon ”, and describes how much water whole house Pre-filters that helps remove larger particles chemicals. Tiles NH2956, UFP-Edge 1 in, and describes how much water learns your water needs,...

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