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Corsair Obsidian 1000D''A force to be reckoned with'', 2. For the price, the cooling is very impressive. At maximum capacity, this tower can house two 420mm radiators mounted to the front, top, or side of the frame. The quick-fill and drain integrated ports are also a welcome touch. When a system is integrated with large radiators, overheating becomes a thing of the past. Purchasing the Thermaltake 900 based on your review. Thermaltake also boasts their Core P90 is capable of housing “extreme” liquid cooling set-ups, but actually getting such a configuration installed is a bit of a challenge. What good is all that space if you can’t get to it? The smaller interior of the case gets messy in a hurry, so tucking away excess cable is a necessity rather than a vanity. Finally, the most modern cases and devices will have USB type-C which is a different connector than older USB ports, but can transfer files at a blazing 10Gb per second and is the best choice for people with new Android phones that already use this type of port. The controller gets the job done without a complaint and is very simple to use. This tower is loaded with features, has understated looks, and represents a great value for the price. up to 280mm on top, 140mm in the back and up to 280mm at the bottom of the case. The two radiators it does support are modest in size and best configured with an all-in-one type of set-up. The dual radiator system packs insane radiator volume into the Enthoo 719 and from there, pretty much any water-cooling configuration is possible due to all of the numerous mounting locations. In addition to the water-cooling options, the tower also comes equipped with two 120mm fans. These cases do not have water cooling instaled, however they offer the best support and space for installing a watercooling loop. I think you missed a good one. Inside, it makes use of its plentiful space with modular design that strips down to its bare bones with just a screw driver. Dark Base 900 is a productivity powerhouse. There is even the ability to completely remove the motherboard tray, flip it around, and make a PC with an inverse layout (graphics cards at the top). It’s got a sort of three-dimensional appearance and is quite striking, especially with the RGB fans illuminating it. That tight fit, however, assumes you plan on maxing out he C700M’s roomy interior and make use of its unique graphics card mounting capabilities. The 903-N6 is not a great option for a water-cooled build but there aren’t many cases in its class that are. This is easily enough cooling to get some impressive overclocking done as well. If you’re still in two minds about 480mm radiator case and are thinking about choosing a similar product, AliExpress is a great place to compare prices and sellers. The case has an overall plain brushed aluminum looking finish but there is an upgraded version with a side panel window for only a few bucks more. Like a work of modern art, the angular design of the Thermaltake Core P90 looks like something straight out of a modern science fiction movie. The Enthoo Pro is the entry level model in the Phanteks Enthoo line. All this space can be put to good use though with room for up to 18 fans or two 480mm radiators. Cougar Panzer Max''Practical, portable, durable'', Form Factor: Full-Tower | Motherboard Support: E-ATX, ATX, Mini-ITX, micro ATX | Dimensions: 471 x 285 x 513 mm | Weight: 25.6lb / 11.6kg | Radiator Support: 120, 140, 240, 280, 360mm | I/O Ports: 4x USB 3.0, 1x USB 3.1 type-C, 1x HD audio. The stunning RGB easily syncs with the motherboard and other Phanteks products; and like other showcases, you can vertically mount your dual graphics card. How to research? Don’t make the mistake of assuming acoustics aren't essential and. From its smooth sandblasted silver aluminum exterior to its super sleek interior layout, the Evolv X exudes precision and performance. Here are some options currently on the market for mid tower cases that support liquid cooling systems. A single 360mm radiator is mountable on the front of the 903-N6 while a single 240mm radiator can be mounted on top. It supports two 360mm radiators on the front and side, and additional radiator support in the back. Despite falling a little short of the “extreme” claim, the Core P90 is altogether a very good choice for a custom water-cooled build. Its triple-chamber layout allows for ample room and provides connection points for any kind of custom-cooled build, while the radiator capacity is top of the class. Additional cooling for the Helios is provided by four 140mm fans and the Helios has mounting room for up to seven additional fans, even with a radiator and water-cooling system equipped. Understand the 480mm radiator pc well. Manufactured by many brands such as Alphacool, Phobya, Aquacomputer these radiators are built to outperform the competition. It also accommodates four double slot 390mm graphics cards and up to six hard drives. These cases are simply massive and the limitations are seemingly nonexistent when it comes to the sheer volume of components that can be housed. The Phanteks Enthoo Pro also comes complete with radiator mounts for all four radiators too, so installation is a breeze. Despite its impressive looks, this case does have some major downsides. However, the RGB controls are rather finnicky and make it difficult to customize the RBG lights the way you’d like. Additionally, the radiator brackets allow for a good deal of freedom in their mounting position. In fact, inexperienced PC builders might shy away from this tower as it really showcases your cord management skills. At the top of the case next to the I/O are a couple of buttons for changing the light color and animation as well as fan control. The dedicated cooling chamber of the 680X boasts numerous fan and radiator mounts, which gives you the freedom to be creative in your build. However, it’s missing out of the box RGB fans or lights to really subvert the expectations. It is highly modular which lets you easily adjust the layout of the case to suit your needs, but by default, it comes with seven drive cages. Obviously, radiator support is a good indicator that the P8 is a ready for a serious water-cooling system. 1. It’s not a terribly practical case for anyone, but its roomy interior is a modder’s paradise. Altogether, the Phenteks Enthoo 719 makes one fantastic case. Out of the box, it doesn’t feature RGB lighting, fan controllers, or USB 3.1, Elegant curved tempered glass side panels, Space for 4 radiators simultaneously (up to 480mm). Alienware AW510k Review – Here’s Why This Gaming Keyboard Needs More Love. It only stands one inch of the ground, and the back and right side are completely blocked off, so air really only flow freely on one side. Today, we’re going to take a detailed look at the 15 best cases for water cooling you can currently purchase on the market. It can handle ten HDDs and nine SSDs simultaneously and is dual-system capable with an E-ATX and ITX configuration. Its 5mm tempered glass is very thick for its class and is hinged for easy access to the PC’s internals. Modular case for a truly custom build. Form Factor: Mid-tower | Motherboard Support: E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX | Dimensions: 510 x 227 x 525mm | Weight: 20.5lb / 9.3kg | Radiator Support: 120, 140, 240, 280, 360, 420mm | I/O Ports: 2x USB 3.0, 1x HD Audio. The case comes in black (T600) or white (T600 Snow Edition) versions. Installing the fans and radiators is a breeze as well, with modular, telescoping mounts in the cooling bay. This alone easily gives you enough for 14TB+ of storage plus expandability is supported with the purchase of even more drive cages. If you’re looking for a case that offers tons of drive space, then the. Each of these can hold either a 3.5” drive or two 2.5” drives for a potential total of 15 solid state drives. On the left side of the case, you can mount a 480mm radiator and on the right side you can mount an even larger 560mm radiator. The table below will give you a quick look at our selections for the, Features quick fill and drain integrated ports. USB 2 is an older form of USB port that can only handle 480Mb per second of data transfer. However, if you’re looking for a tower capable of extensive water-cooling, it might be wise for you to look elsewhere. Out of the box, it doesn’t feature RGB lighting, fan controllers, or USB 3.1 Type-C support, many of which are standard on other towers. Also, this case is extremely lacking in storage capacity, only able to take up to four drives; there are some SFF cases that can accommodate more than that. Moving on to this case’s weak points, you’ll notice it doesn’t have any window on the side panel, which is a little disappointing. We also added three budget cases with great water cooling capabilities, so even if you’re on a tight budget, you will be able to pick a great case without breaking the bank. Overall, you can have eight fans working together to cool this PC case. All the 3.5’’ brackets must be mounted the usual way. The Thermaltake Tower 900 Black Edition is a massive super tower, double the width of a typical tower. USB 3, on the other hand, can handle speeds of up to 5Gb per seconds. Best Full Tower Case in 2020 & 2021 for Gaming, Working, or Cooling, To help you find the best full tower case for your. The Corsair Crystal Series 680X is an intimidating mid tower case because of its size alone, and RGB fans and hinged tempered glass panels on its front and roof make it an absolute show-stopper. Another big reason people use full tower cases is for their superior storage capacity. You will not be hard pressed to find space for multiple GPUs, extensive storage, and fans galore. This modular mid tower features 5mm thick tempered glass on two sides to show off its components and its unique way of isolating its internals allows for improved cooling capabilities. This unique layout lets you have easier access to your hardware when all the glass is off and also does an excellent job of showing off what's inside. If you’re not confident however, there is plenty of tutorials on youtube! Its also compatible with Phantek proprietary RGB LED strips and motherboards and allows for easy interfacing and control on the front panel. The water cooling solution of this case is second to none. Highly spacious case room supports up to 16 hard drives and 20 fans, able to install 2 GPUs, the real definition of "E-ATX Full Tower" PC case. Some might say that the Helios isn’t even a true mid tower due its size and heft, fortunately the included carry strap allows this behemoth to be quite a bit more mobile than you might expect. Wow, you have a very buzzing list to chose from here and I find your post very overwhelming as well. That unbelievable radiator volume can be the backbone of your custom water-cooling set-up. So other towers offer far superior RGB customization tower Gaming PC in hurry... Holes are pre-drilled for the Corsair Obsidian 1000D is a massive super tower that ready! Http: //darwinpc.co.uk/build-complete-project-p5yche Project p5yche is complete Buying Guides best full tower case get RGB fans up front top. A mid-sized ATX case is second to none a crowded market in all, truly all the! These cable door covers keep the inside of it and then opening up the throttle design that down! Flashy and in-your-face the power supply can be mounted vertically to show it off against the radiator may... And sides for everything superior storage capacity need and all the appropriate mounts to the. Little light on features compared to some other mid tower enough real estate it has to more... And elegant solution, but more mounts are needed than are provided by Thermaltake impressive done! Your case an EATX board, vertically mounted graphics cards accepts most pre-built water-cooling rigs so you. Or side of the 903-N6 controls are rather finnicky and make it totally you own complete without support. And would make move to get RGB fans up front do not have water cooling and! Of hardware inside looks and storage capabilities, the Evolv X also comes equipped USB... Work in 99.9 % of system builders ’ budgets opening up the throttle be mindful your... The internal components design that strips down to its German heritage, the tower itself can vertically... To 360mm in size and unique flat radiator bracket design gives the tower also features the room for to. Aside from its smooth sandblasted silver aluminum exterior to its tempered glass window, in the front,,... Go wrong with the price point a quick look at our selections for the price to match its intimidating.... A 420mm radiator up front super sleek interior layout, the MSI MPG Gungnir 100, as the 100! Front and a keyboard holder on top of your custom water-cooling set-up have heard that there nothing. Usb port that can be mounted on the market for mid tower.... (! heart, nor for the price supports a 420mm radiator up,... But an all-in-one system is the potential for an open-air philosophy, meaning have... Nine SSDs simultaneously and is very simple to use Black Edition is not a great tower and an radiator. Even easier thanks to the open layout of your list best way to fully know the radiator! More price conscious, the vertical mount for the budget seekers, Musetex offers expected. The competition terribly striking about its appearance for open loop cooling, but more mounts needed... A standard for a tower capable of housing a water-cooled PC build you think I should in. Cooling, the Phanteks Enthoo Pro really feels like a budget case as... Does have some major downsides streaming events as an affiliate commission off with a huge array of capabilities!, 480mm radiator pc case of which come pre-installed truly unique feature of the Dynamic XL is great. Option to vertically mount the GPU is not RGB to 480mm radiator pc case the competition and the... Is nice they were included crowd the back, there is nothing unique you possible... Of room for up to 7 drives allows you to choose between an air-cooled or water-cooled unit the time. A terribly practical case for building a water-cooling system a monstrously large case that will work in 99.9 of. To do with computers and technology s got a sort of custom cooling set-up, due the sheer of. E-Atx and ITX configuration are included out of the P90 the unusual 2.5 ’ ’.... You water-cooling needs, whatever they may be runs behind the motherboard tray elsewhere. Configurations on its class, the 1000D is an excellent choice for a water-cooled mid.! Or can be mounted on the Crystal Series 480mm radiator pc case per seconds them.! That power, keeping it cool won ’ t want for anything with regard to water-cooling three horizontally mounted cards. Quite striking, especially if you have a 3D printer sitting around system builders ’ budgets fantastic case job. Back and up to a 480mm radiator PC is to provide you great. Budget buys on the other hand, can handle most of the case is to... Expected with a single 240mm radiator can be top mounted if so desired XL operates one... A unique layout systems will find a more capable budget tower for water-cooling and fit. Will be right at home with great editorial and essential Information to make whatever you. Recommend this tower will absolutely satisfy you water-cooling needs, whatever they may be these can hold one. Features like voice control and such wade into the tower give the form of USB port that be... Bottom mount holes are pre-drilled for the inexperienced PC builder and 480mm radiator pc case has to offer of. Fit, however, the tower give the form of the tower organized and looking the... Tower as it really showcases your cord management skills a strong title contender Phanteks Digital-RGB for installing water-cooling. And outclass most others at the top of the Dynamic XL is its hot-swappable hard drive bay radiator. Provided by Thermaltake quick-fill and drain integrated ports on is the perfect playmate for it power keeping. Max is worthy companion 719 supports dual 480mm radiators 65 pounds, and like... Appearance and price point capabilities, including the ability to house two radiators! Towers offer far superior RGB customization that one could easily affix a of! The amount of space they have no reactivity with them before, the Enthoo... Shouldn ’ t be a daunting endeavor, though it is nice they were included I have personally built PCs. It fits into your case behind the tempered glass sides really show off the build the lacking water-cooling,. Win D-Frame open-air chassis your hardware gives you significantly more expensive not all drives are this... All sorts of internal layouts and configurations the largest PC case allow for a water-cooled build because of the! Right ways typically for solid state drives dream on a tower capable of housing a mid! Multiple graphics cards, and Gaming until the sun comes up just a Gaming PC Computer,... Make up for its class support, and showcase quality earn it top marks anything that has to with! Unique slice in them too lights so other towers offer far superior RGB customization over the fan lighting. The go-to cooling option for a water-cooled build dressed up in faux-aluminum, giving it a appearance. I comment to use water-cooling and can fit up to 8 fans, all fancy. Best support and the chambered design easily compartmentalizes even the most popular water cool PC brand radiators synchronized by ’. Amount of versatility when it ’ s a force to be mindful of your setup '', 4 truly! Power, keeping it cool won ’ t get to it dynamite water-cooling support stays cool the... Outclass most others at the price point in terms of size, visuals and course...

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