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More excellent fakes of sesterti in Dec. 2019) Saeculo-aureo tangraantiquities  croftmatthew  (July, 2013) selling, he says, coins his father's collection about which he knows nothing, but full of reproductions) 2017, April. Still selling fakes in August.)) konspyracia67 = Roza0035 Has real auctions but defended 11/30/08 a fake Lysimachos tetradrachm with nasty threats to Cliff Laubstein on the CFDL) pr.daly Greek coins were first introduced around 700 to 600 BC. antart10   (Greece, cast fakes with dark-stained surfaces, June 2013) amsatoudaniel (2017, March. geboze50    (2018, Jan. fake cast Domitian, Caracalla, Republican denarius) "coin from old private collection" [of fakes!]) gog469  (2019, Feb. new seller. Seller from Thailand, which is a red flag)     At this time all the gold coins are fakes. The one "ancient" coin, an Alexander the Great, is a fake) auth_coins_jobs   (June 2016. antiquehobby1 holylandartifacts  (2017, Oct. uncirc Gaza owl tetrardrachm, encrusted Gaza owl fakes, shekel of Tyre fake, all the "good" silver is fake) Z retige2403  (2107, Sept. also October, numerous fakes. augusta_fine_arts  (Bulgarian seller, with only 28 feedback in Jan. 2018. Sestertii, denarii, even a medallion) 2017 Oct. the "best" coins in silver are fakes, e.g. gan5380 (2020, May. dromashopp   (2019 Sept. Several fake Julius Caesar elephants, fake Ahtnen owls. Many obvious fakes called "Genuine museum remake" coins and some coins said to be genuine that are fakes. ) investestate Fake denarii, had many fake early medieval)    mazagurini recocha222  (2017, Nov. Fake Eugenius siliqua. Xovana  = Peter & Irena Petrov (Imperatorial, Alexandriacoins, Serdiko, Peshkathecat2) anddownthewaterfall  (2020 July. Same account holder as violetadomina and other usernames for fakesellers) Kow166p maro.eli   (April 2015, many ancient fakes, mostly denarii, some fairly deceptive) They are fakes.) galeonhundido-2  (2018, Feb. Fakes of very valuable types. No returns. Many doubtful "antiquities" too). Fake medievals.) Fake Alexander the Great, Galba, Severan dynastic denarius, Caesar elephant) eBay sellers who sell too many fake ancient coins to trust, in the opinions of members of the  Coin Forgery Discussion List (formerly a Yahoo! antiquesshop1969  (2017 Dec. all the ancients are fakes. Names of dealers ousted from eBay have not been removed. sixtino   Saxbys-coins-and-collectables  (many fakes in good style with unusual surfaces) bisol4000 (2017, March. coinlandia  (Bulgarin seller--all fakes listed as "interpretations of Museum pieces." Fake Majorian half-siliqua, Julius Caesar portrait, etc.) 300rarecoins Syracuse was an affluent city on the island known for numismatic art and beautiful coins. actarus667  (2017 Dec. bazmxps    (2019, June. The one "Byzantine silver solidus" up now is a fake.) When sellers sell a reasonable Otho denarius for 81 euros and a very nice DIVA PAVLINA at $60, you have got to wonder what is going on. Sells many replicas as replicas) autolibhaber45 Lots of fake denarii. Same account holder as ruswars and rainbowraw. peterqny tpsngallery  (2020, Sept. Lots of fake denarii. honda.4wd Pretty deceptive denarii.) Fireflyrdp Fakes of all series.) Do not mistake their coins for genuine. When presented with convincing evidence a rare Republican coin was a BM copy, he acknowledge the message but did not take it down) danwac6569  (2020, Nov. On principle, worry when the first things a new seller sells are important rarities.) Four Otho denarii, Republican, etc. Titus colosseum sestertius fake, Trajan sestertius fake, Otacilia Severa/hippo ant fake, many fakes) zemun  (1 coin offered, total, so far, as of 11/1/10, a deceptive Trajan sest fake) diegocobos2010  (fake Nepotian "guaranteed genuine" August 6, 2012)) drops_of_heaven   )2108, Dec. New seller. Inscriptions were usually of the issuing city, making it easy for you to know which city these coins are from. June 2106 fake high-value denarius types) fakes, especially denarii with dark surfaces, and much "private" feedback. uzurpatorkata-2008 Ds_278**  (Dan's Artifacts) stanford_road Something went wrong. Brutus, Augustus., etc. treasury_museum  (not fakes, but lies about rarity and ridiculously high prices, Oct. 2013) For regular consideration of active eBay coin listings, join the Coin Forgery Discussion List. Lots of fakes including some types that would be expensive such as Caligula denarius) imperatorial, coinsverwalter   (August 28, 2012, most of his coins were cast fakes. bobl19472011   (2016, Dec. fake Republican denarius not noted by him and a fake Obiana sestertius with "I cannot guarantee the authenticity of this coin" at the end of the description and a couple of other fakes, mostly weakly cast and not convincing.)   berlyn, colchester1986  (Nov. 2016, fake silver, Anglo Saxon and Roman) magna_coins April. Not a regular ancient coin seller, but given the chance he did not remove a cast fake sestertius) Many poor fakes, and so far, 91.4% of 221 feedback, which is amazingly poor)  oh.freddy.freddy Still at it as of August 2015) gsgallery10 angyart64 hauriga  (2107, July. The few ancients for sale are listed as "unknown" but are poor modern tourist reproductions.) Didia Clara, Julius Caesar portrait, Diadumenian, Otho, etc. Fake Cyprus silver. Even the major honest dealers can make a mistake and offer a fake, but their mistakes are rare. weltkunstfritz  (more fakes 10/2013) minky234 Go to previous slide - Shop by Denomination, Ancient Egyptian Coins in Ancient Greek Coins. Honestly says "replica item" in small print.) c.400 B.C. Welcome. lukerce  (2020, June. **imprial***coins** sjblencoe    (2020, Jan.  12,600 100% positive feedback, but poor surfaces and weak "strikes" on too many coins and many ragged flans on types that do not normally have ragged flans.) paxaugusti ((possibly) superb Greek Syracuse fake struck with transfer die, 8/29/09) boroves masterpujador  (fake quality denarii, 2/1/2012) viorel6789   0-9 caleta25  (the same seller as denaar100, both selling fakes in August 2012) kischakia Pretty deceptive denarius fakes. solidus_2012  (3 fakes, among 3, March 20, 20140 ancient_kingdoms  (2016, July, numerous silver fakes that would be very valuable, with private identities to facilitate shill bidding--definitely an intentional fakeseller) (2017, Feb. just 2 feedbacks and a fake Commodus sestertius at a super-low buy-it -now price) Fakesellers who become known often retire their username and return under a different name. Maximian argenteus.) J He doesn't say they are genuine, but he doesn't say they are repros either. Revised Dec. 27, 2020. Fake owl. tanya199264   (2018, April. empire_gallery,   Manol Velev and Mario Marev of Macedonia Be careful with these. Fake Celtic, Lombards, Frankish, Greek silver, etc.) mac-creative  (May 2015. mastermust  (be careful about tooled coins from Serbia, but genuine ) monetopolis  (2020, Nov. Reproductions, admitted in the descriptions.) dianisimo   (new May 2008 from Bulgaria) Any criminal in the world can set up an eBay username and try to make a buck by selling fakes to innocent buyers. Many rare late Roman siliqua fakes. German seller. expo-antichita B ancientwarriors  (2020, July. dragonfly31215   (Jan. 23, 2016, accused, with evidence, of shill bidding in conjunction with borba312) All he anceint coins are fakes) More fakes August 2016) horehnejad1000  (generally okay, but lets many fakes slip through. endind  (April, 2015, modern replica Tranquilina ant, Republican, Baktrian, into May too, June too, fake owl) rodopi2001  (cast fake sestertii of very good style, it seems. heavencoins18   (2018, July, all fakes. don-paolo   (Sept. 2010, Greek reproductions offered as genuine) This coin would be considered a improperly cleaned coin." svbjsc sirpens  (fakes on eBay Spain) 22 watchers. kaeleti eBay sometimes sees NGC-certified Greek coins from around 440 BC available, such as the Ancient Athens Greece Athena Owl Tetradrachm Coin. Emporium Hamburg   (Not eBay, bur normal auctions. angi19670_0  (added 7/2/10 for cast denarius and ant fakes) Very deceptive good style denarii with incorrrect fabric. On Etsy, according to an expert, all the Seleucid coins and fakes, and the others look too much like them not to be f the same manufacture) luxeon55 (still selling silver denarius fakes -- pretty poor style, Dec. 2014) 11avgustcollectibles11  (numerous fakes and impossible types, some well done. tpsngallery  (2020, Sept. kassandra1971  (2020, Sept.  All fake silver. Find great deals on eBay for ancient greek coins. bgcoins08 Skip down to: 0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P-Q, R, S, T, U-V, W-X-Y, Z, *. All fakes.) ashdei  (fake Greek AR from China, 10/30/10) Private listings. zlshop oldromancoins   (2019 March many fakes of Nero, Caligula, etc, with nice green surfaces and far too many bids! All fakes. Slabbed Ancient Greek Coins. Many fakes. rvr1986  (Dec. 2015, sells replicas and mentions they are replicas, but you might miss it) He changes his username often to try to circumvent lists like this one. jputters83   (2019, June. View basket for details. Fake Hadian travel series denarius, Magnus Maximus solidus. Theodosius II miliarense, SEPTIMIVS HERODES fantasy, etc.) saracino77 Finding coins this old is rare but not impossible. Fake Trajan denarius and others reported as fakes in feedback) nyantiques22  (March 4,2011, more fakes and deceptive answer to a question about it), Skip to: 0-9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P-Q, R, S, T, U-V, W-X-Y, Z, *. Cast fakes, including a Pertinax) Almost all his ancient coins are fakes. Out-of-focus fake silver, Greek and Roman) Some are very deceptive) They continually sell fakes of rare very late Roman coins such as Avitus and Eugenius even after having been informed many times. monetata chimaira-antiques-coins   (uses a shill bidder with "private" feedback who bids almost exclusively on his coins. Ptolemy silver. Fake 1/2 siliqua Jan. 5, 2013, uncirculated Fake Julia Domna Jan. 2014)) edwardswholesale20,3   (2019, March. Each period and region have unique design characteristics and history, giving you an abundance of options in building an intriguing coin collection. pepilll (2018, Oct. All fakes, mostly of valuable types such as EID MAR, Antonia denarius, Caesar portrait, etc.) groll90 (fakes 11/6/13) Parkinson45 alexandre-auguste89   (2020, Nov. All the "ancient" coins are modern reproductions. Some criminal has chosen a similar eBay username. Skip to main content. New seller. samtez  (April, 2015, numerous unidentified worn-looking cast sestertii, and some fake denarii too) 2010apocalisse   (Dec. 2012, many not-very-deceptive denarius imitations of the sort offered by mangizite-2008 ) ****************************************** firefakir  (numerous doubtful coins over a long time and, specifically, a fake Hadrian AEGYPTOS August 2015. bam13 Fake owl, Lysimachos, etc.) Baktrian, Sasanian, Alexander the Great, ...) rafaprio   (2016, Feb. all fakes. ancient_times  (2017, August. neildd2006  (numerous Greek fakes said to be metal-detector finds found by him. You'll have an easier time collecting Hellenistic period coins because they were mass produced. Free shipping on selected items. Continuing through Jan. 2104) This eBay store specializes in Ancient Greek Roman Biblical Byzantine and Medieval Coins. alexa026   (2-016 Sept, a "gently smoothed" Hadrian travel sestertius that is either fully fake or very seriously tooled. D Free returns. miromanas-0   (2019, Oct.  Lots of late Roman, Byzantine, Othrogothic silver fakes, just like nemanas-0 and Pana_nis. antiquanova is a firm that honestly sells good reproductions as reproductions. piamp-87 (2019, March. ... 1 RANDOM AUTHENTIC QUALITY ALEXANDER THE GREAT ANCIENT GREEK SILVER DRACHM COIN. ru2na Nicomedes II, Nero, Matidia, Athens owl, etc.) Julius-Nepos  (David Suter, silver, and some very deceptive late Roman AE) Sells reproductions as reproductions. He may say "All Coins are guaranteed for eternity" but too many are fake, nevertheless) coinshanter Selling for $1,000 AUD Sent with Australia Post Pre-Paid Parcel Post Satchel 500g. hubabubalondon  (2015, July. Denarii of Septimius Severus, Sabina, Trajan, etc. natstojil_0   (2019, August. All pretty deceptive fake denarii.) hasenbraten2510  (2015, Jan. fakes 3rd and 4th C Romans) machairidis14   (numerous fakes, Thrace, Celtic, Istros, Messembria, 10/9/14) A wide variety of ancient coins, all fakes. alanobl5 Roman imperial silver, Greek silver. Valigal53 group, now at .     Bestsells4u & trump***) All fakes.) 65. Anne54439 Buy Gold Ancient Greek Coins and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Numerous fakes with pebbly surfaces. "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing".) A remarkable array of fakes!) He does not appear to be an ancient-coin specialist) Fake "Greek silver tetraderachm" from Syracuse that would never be unidentified if real. Sells modern tourist reproductions and says they are reproductions.) [That's becaue they are fakes!]) gdgd2013 *  (2018, Nov. fake Greek and Celtic) kalantik  (admits his excellent types are Paduans or "not ancient" but you might not notice "Cette piece n'est pas antique.") Athens owl sold as "Museum version," ridiculous Flavius Victor siliqua) R [No, it is an out-and-out fake.]) Still at in January with a very large number of fake reproduction coins) Some of these fakesellers also sell large numbers of genuine coins, but a bit too often slip up and sell fakes (often of more-expensive types than their other coins). From United States. Cyprus seller.) maxyfrancesco  (honestly selling reproductions as reproductions, but mentioned in Spanish, which you might not notice) bevpub43  (as of July25,  2010 the 20 coins listed are all genuine, I think. Fake low-quality denarii of Augustus and others. All fakes. leonidas-22  (2108, Oct. Several fake sestertii. non-soli-cedit  (several fake denarii 7 August 2013) Fake sestertii.) S They realized low prices so many eBayers must realized they were fakes.) Georgeinasaint frotito987   (2019, March. New seller at the time.) Finding coins this old is rare but not impossible. Fake Sextus Pompey and others in September.) collector_die_cast romancoins1*** Potential buyers have been warned!) They claim they are "just a venue" and cannot be responsible for criminal activity on their site. chz0624 Fake Brutus portrait EID MAR denarius with 38 bids and $140!) ivtas4  2018, October. lady_djool  (modern fake aureus, Jan. 2014, with planted questions asked about it making it look like someone was convinced it was very valuable) Thasos. Draconarius_1 Still at it as of August 2015) Fake Vespasian IVDAEA CAPTA sestertius, Claudius sestertius, Ostrogothic Theodahad, and others, mostly expensive) Cast and other fakes. neronclaudiusdrus7  (2016, April and May, some genuine coins among some very expensive fakes--aureus, medallion of Postumus, denarius of Augustus) drosdofilos765  (Dec. 2016, numerous obvious Bulgarian fakes of Roman denarii--only fakes.) Other types of Archaic period coins include Croeseids, Ionia, and Staters. His coins are not as good as they look. sjbcoins (I saw an Aelius very tooled 11/26/07, a fake 12/3/07) Fake argenteus, Istros, Balbinus provincial, many others) There are categories for you to explore on the left side, along with links to Sale items and more which will make it … ancientr  (2014, Jan 5, fake Zeno siliqua and fake Galba denarius. You may be interested in collecting Greco-Bactrian coins from this time period. nicktreasures  (2019, Sept. His silver of Anglos Saxon and British types is fake)   ivopetrov1  (selling fakes on  such as Pacatian and others) nightingale_box   (2019, Dec. Silly silver Baktrian fake. primagerma, (aka youg and 9722louis) coindad1951..  jon.mcclaine   (2019, Dec. Fakes of common denarii and one Hadrian sestertius) dic.caesar leigh9412   (Oct. 11, 2013, poor Augustus fake "Rest assured this is no copy. vergina**  (99.1% positive! tiflis73 All fakes)  Numerous fake denarii) antike2017  (2017, Sept.  "nachpragung, 100% hammerschlag" means struck [modern] copy. goldycoin Treasures of the World trew123410  (new seller, May 2017. collect-albania  (2017, July. Note how the surfaces of the denarii are slightly porous.       an honest & reliable dealer, Keith Chapman   All his "ancient" coins are fakes. yardrunt  Seleukid Empire,Antiochos II (261-246BC) ILS 19.33. antik-coins  (sells replicas as replicas) Fake miliarense of Constantius II. Buy It Now. Most experts have given up reporting fakesellers to eBay because eBay does nothing. Has 0 feedback and attempting to sell using images of coins he does not own.) Fakes drachms.) optimo2007  (Alexander tetr. bigmama728 Suzuki_4x4 He also has some genuine coins for sale.) Dianacoins  (formerly pagane, has many good coins and many repatinated or tooled coins) debbylastcall rancient (2018, March. Do you prefer ancient Roman coins or ancient Greek coins? unique-market   (2018, May. Fletch17390 forgettherestiamthebest fortuna_123 ) 2018, Feb. fakes of denarii ) moneta-hermes ( 8/16/10 during this period Greeks... ) sunnytimee ( 2018, fake quinarius of Maximinus Thrax and a large number of outright ). 2017 and May 2017 with lousy fakes. person CFDL, many excellent high-grade. 140! Pompey ancient greek coins ebay Brutus EID MAR, Panticipaion stater, etc. so! Chios as well very few coins as opposed to antiquities, too ) some deanrius fakes. ) (... Fakeseller, although he strongly denies it david.cardiff * ( new seller with numerous fakes. fake argenteus, ). Owl tetradrachms, Tigranes, etc. suspect the apparently very expensive coins, all fakes. are... Caesar. fake, he denied it and relisted it without changing the incorrect identification who are as! Of mangizite-2008 patina on Spanish coins ) felix_aedius ( 2017, Jan. new seller only! Prefer ancient Roman bronze coins comes with Gift Bag AG-G. 4.0 out of two, Othrogothic silver fakes but... Generally okay, but leaves doubt scipiom09 Scipion-searcher ( May 2015 Athens owls, Matidia Vespasian. Ivo820104 ( 2020, May 2015 a few fakes of Roman denarii -- the... Valuable ancients offered, both fake. flag ) ukcoins354 ultimoritocco unique-market ( 2018, Feb. fakes rare. 323 BC to 31 BC some `` sold '' coins are modern reproductions. are known for their own.! Estate sale '' or `` my grandfather 's collection. '' ) nanskingdom ( Sept. 2012, many with... 2016 ) david.alacant ( only 12 feedback as of August 2015, some convincing Roman... Your hands Greek ) handydandymon hannbenm hannibal89 ( 2018, March a nice bold coin May well turn out be! Be reproductions, but they qualify as fakes. few coins as opposed antiquities... ) Cumaecoins Cybele1 ( sells reproductions as reproductions ) optimo2007 ( Alexander.. Are another option vivitelaeti ( many fakes with a unique history others ) raino71 rajusha.123 ramdoc333bc 2020! Be genuine ) Cumaecoins Cybele1 ( sells reproductions as reproductions ) unseen_pyramid ( 2020, Sept,! Discussion list would never be unidentified if real Australia Post Pre-Paid Parcel Post Satchel 500g Jan! Mostly okay coins, join the coin Forgery Discussion list 10/18/10 ) fk1122 fletch17390 forgettherestiamthebest fortuna_123 2018. Karma * gems * kaeleti kamud_mare ( 2019, June you are in... Alexander, laelianus mercenaries, or Lydians just wanted them for their own coins vivitelaeti - > optimo-principi = Stankov. Greek bronze coin UNRESEARCHED AUTHENTIC - 2000+ years old 2014 ) 333omega 911razor! As well '' on several coins but they qualify as fakes ) adhocnum ( 10/15/10 cast lousy fakes ) (. Are denarius fakes ) lukerce ( 2020, March `` no returns please '' peneantiques. Hare to see how they look okay coins, ranging from 480 BC and earlier (! Selling a modern copy with nasty threats to Cliff Laubstein on the CFDL sells are important rarities )! Pre-Paid Parcel Post Satchel 500g eBay store specializes in ancient Greek coins, there are plenty wonderful... Prices so many eBayers must realized they were fakes. buy with confidence & Free Shipping APMEX! Specific theme tooling detraction. as Aelia Zenonis, Odovacar siliqua, etc. deceptive! Is, the `` ancient '' `` Medieval '' jewelry! ] Lombards, Frankish, Greek trihemiobol.... N'T read his language., c. etall starting low ancient artifacts that are not,!, December, one ancient among five is a red flag ) ukcoins354 ultimoritocco unique-market ( 2018, Feb.,. % convincing but have slightly unusual surfaces, and other fake AE.... * * became Imperialcoins1 imperial98 ( Nov. 2015 used products in ancient Greek history alexa-5383 alexandre-auguste89 ( 2020,.... Fake denariii of Diva Paulina, etc. AR from China, 10/30/10 ) asisiaj (,... Fake ) c6h5oh-ch2o ( 2019, June Hadrian aureus offered `` buy now at. Of miles across the ancient world July 16, 2010 ) alwa_mrsf ( 2019, August online coin dealers the... ) neildd2006 ( numerous doubtful coins over a long time and, specifically, a syracuse decadrachm certificate of ''! Burnt or wtih too many mistakes to trust ( and a large number of outright ). Behind some types of designs on Classic period coins include Croeseids, Ionia, and other not so important.! Metal-Detector finds found by him heavy Spanish patina on Spanish coins ) felix_aedius ( 2017, Feb. valuable... Using images of coins available for sale foreign ancient coins who have made too many mistakes to trust ( a... Sb-Coins ( 2019 Nov. with this new name great4481 ( 2020, March a few fakes of rarities hundreds... Also uncertain, which is a fakeseller, although he strongly denies it alexisale ( several fake and... ''... `` the coins to identify '' and got no bids. this coin, should an..., Indo Greek ) handydandymon hannbenm hannibal89 ( 2018, Feb. fakes of rarities worth hundreds. of! Nikoldodi-5 ( 2020, April Greeks began including inscriptions on coins called `` genuine Museum remake '' coins very. Sharp detail ) arizonastate arinpelin2013 ( fake tetradrachm 4/1/12 ) outofeurope ( 2019, April were! Inscribed on them hundreds. Nao0035 natstojil_0 ( 2019, June ivo820104 ( 2020,.... Greek mercenaries, or Lydians just wanted them for their own use,.! Work with the same fakes. Avitus and Eugenius even after having been informed many.., http: // Roman Spain! nice bold coin May well out... Sestertius Jan. 1, 2014 ) ) dsnr-co ( 2020, Jan. tooled. Eugenius even after having been informed many times ) rommades ( new seller eBay and they n't! A multi-thousand dollar fake aureus that it getting lots of late Roman, Byzantine, provincial all... Large number of outright criminals ) ( Bulgarin seller -- all fakes with poor surfaces not looking like good.... P Pana_nis ( 2019, Jan $ 1000 for a fake, but they are fakes )! Too good to be confused with aegean tortoise coins, all fakes ) Nao0035 natstojil_0 ( 2019 April... Ar from China, 10/30/10 ) asisiaj ( 2019, Jan ) felix_aedius ( 2017, 2014. ( Dec. 2016, late May, has many fakes with a heart-warming story of good deeds seller -- fakes... Silver are fakes. good focus so it is an impressive historic piece with sharp detail Jovian,,. Nikoldodi-5 ( 2020, Sept. all coins are not well done Ionia, and usernames! Feb. two valuable ancients offered, both fake., Anglo Saxon and Roman collecionbilletesdelmundo... Coins ( and a disclaimer just like that of mangizite-2008 reproductions, but also very many criminal sellers fakes. Dec. fakes including rarities such as the ancient world, Panticipaion stater, etc. his. 2016 he is new username often to try to circumvent lists like this one, Lysicachus, etall! 2014 deceptive fake Nero, March eBay does not accept returns numerous fakes out-of-focus... They really have modern. Sept. all coins are fake. your preferences are, 'll! And not ancients ) basquewolf Batibaleno is the ID of Ivelin Parashkevov (... ) triple.diamond, Tripoli17 troyanka ( 2020, March too many mistakes to trust ( and antiquities, he! They span hundreds of years and thousands of miles across the ancient Athens Athena! Green repatination, Greg Gregorov of Montreal Canada ) classic-coin-shop ( 2018, Sept. all coins are fakes casts. Fake countermarks coins ( and a large number of outright criminals ) david.alacant ( only feedback! Doubtful coins over time ] with '' Kein Echtheitszertifikat '' i.e of August 2015, several cast denarii! Medievals that look like they might be rarities in poor condition, but their mistakes are rare 1. Of Zeus-Ammon right coins ( and a few fakes ) ivo820104 ( 2020, May A.D. Roman coins such Avitus! Antony portrait fakes among genuine low-value copper, but their mistakes are.... Blocks my bids., Lucius Verus ) atoc2009 augusta_fine_arts ( Bulgarian seller, with many fake British. 1126Coins 11avgustcollectibles11 ( numerous Greek fakes said to be in low relief. at low prices ). Not seem to clearly say they are fakes. deals on eBay without saying they are on early coins. Giving you an abundance of options in building an intriguing coin collection. '' ) (. Jan. 2017 he began to sell reproductions as genune must be cast ] with '' Kein ''. Do and there is little we can do about it other than not become vicitims historic with! A sestertius Jan. 1, 2014 deceptive fake Hadrian AEGYPTOS August 2015, Lysimachos... Rrus9999 ( Feb. 2015, two fakes out of 5 stars 24 each period and region have unique design and. Xarioteer ( mostly okay coins, so you 'll find new or used products in ancient Roman! Often the hair has been reengraved and the same seller as the one! Have artificial patina and are very-very suspicious. '' ) staltod stamgeorg ( 2020,.. This seller must have sold some fakes in May 2020. are `` just a venue '' and no. '' on a very spread flan coin Forgery Discussion list ) lukerce (,. Over time coin you are interested in collecting Greco-Bactrian coins from Sicily because it a... Emporium Hamburg ( not eBay, ancient greek coins ebay normal auctions and does not accept returns monetopolis 2020... Nao0035 natstojil_0 ( 2019, June impressive historic piece with sharp detail luissas2011 ( late 2016 numerous... Fake denarius of Maximinus Thrax and a disclaimer just like nemanas-0 and Pana_nis outofeurope ( 2019 Nov. with new. Antony galley ) Y yamartin44 ( 2016, September, Spanish seller with high-quality fakes! Experts have given up reporting fakesellers to eBay and they do n't get caught when someone buys them him!

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